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About EPSRC Lighthouse Endowment Fund

The missions of the EPSRC Lighthouse Endowment Fund are the delivery of high-quality patient care through the contribution to innovations in medicine through basic and translational research and clinical outcome studies, and the education of medical students, postgraduate trainees, residents and consultants to insure an adequate supply of academic plastic surgeons for the future.

This Society is a non-profit organization managed by and for the benefit of the young plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery research community.

The annual EPSRC meeting will offer an exciting opportunity for young plastic surgery researchers to discuss their latest work and future challenges in a uniquely informal, interactive format for basic science and clinical outcome research. The EPSRC meeting will provide a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas in a way that cannot be achieved through the usual channels of communication - publications and presentations at large scientific meetings.

This year we are starting off with securing the financial stability of the European Plastic Surgery Research Council with the help of the EPSRC Lighthouse Endowment Fund. EPSRC Lighthouse Fund Donors have committed themselves to the ongoing support of your new generation of Plastic Surgeon Scientists in Europe.

The Executive Board of the EPSRC hereby asks professionals, industrial partners and patients for financial support of this research organization to translate innovation from the bench to the bedside for the patients’ benefit. EPSRC is very grateful to the EPSRC Lighthouse Fund Donors for their active support to keep this research endeavor going.

Level of Contribution

EPSRC Friend: 1 - 499 EUR
EPSRC Patron: 500 - 999 EUR
EPSRC Gold Patron: 1.000 - 4.999 EUR
EPSRC Lighthouse Patron: 5.000 EUR +

Bank Information for Donation

Postbank Frankfurt
Account number: 19363608
Bank code: 50010060
IBAN: DE11500100600019363608

Gold Patron (1000-4999,- €)

Greg Borschel, MD University of Toronto (Canada)
Paul S. Cederna, MD University of Michigan (USA)
Gene Deune, MD John Hopkins University (USA)
J. William Futrell, MD University of Pittsburgh (USA)
William Kuzon, MD PhD University of Michigan (USA)
Stan Monstrey, MD University of Gent (Belgium)
Vranckx Jan, Prof. Dr. University of Leuven (Belgium)
Zegrea Ion, MD PhD University of Medicine "Carol Davila" (Romania)

Patron (500-999,- €)

Alexandru Georgescu, MD University of Medicine "Iuliu Hatieganu" (Romania)
Louis Habbema, MD Erasmus University (Netherlands)
Ramon Lull, MD Stem Center Mallorca (Spain)
Dirk Schaefer, MD University of Basel (Swiss)
Erkki Tukiainen, MD Helsinki University Hospital (Finland)
Ming-Huei Cheng, MD Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taiwan)
Angelo A. Leto Barone, MD (Universita‘ degli Studi di Palermo/IT)

Friend (1-499,- €)

Marco Innocenti, MD University Hospital Florence (Italy)

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