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Age < 38 years old
2nd year of residency or later
EPSRC membership
Having presented a long oral presentation at EPSRC


A letter of intent
Curriculum vitae
List of four centers (the three favorite plus a lifeboat one) chosen from those who have at least one EPSRC member in their staff
The applicant needs one sponsor and two referees who are EPSRC members


The fellowship amount is 3.000 Euros. 1000 € will be wire transferred to the recipient at the end of each month, after a positive response has been received by the hosting member certifying attendance and good behavior by the EPSRC Cruise Fellowship recipient. The fellowship is one per year. The same person cannot receive the scholarship twice.

The award committee will contact the departments chosen upon selection of the recipient to recommend his/her attendance and give feedback to the recipient. The fellowship should be used within the year following reception. The hosting member is supposed to give a presentation during the next EPSRC.

The applications must be sent online to the EPSRC secretariat two weeks before the annual meeting (info@epsrc.eu).

The EPSRC Cruise Fellowship aims at promoting clinical and scientific inter-European exchange of ideas and promote and encourage training in Plastic Surgery. It is a 3 months fellowship that has to be spent in three different units.

EPSRC Cruise Fellowship

3 months Scholarship
3 European Countries
3000,- € Award

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