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Dear collegues, dear friends, welcome to Romania!

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to welcome you to the 9th edition of the European Plastic Surgery Research Council (EPRSC), held on 24-27 august 2017, at the Diplomatic Club Bucharest – Romania, to continue the great tradition of EPSRC meetings.

After 7 years of continued meetings in Hamburg, on the MS San Diego, or "on the boat" as we use to call it with affection, and after the last year's joint meeting with EURAPS in Brussels, the 9th EPSRC meeting will be a premiere, as it will be the first time when will held on it's own, outside Hamburg. For me it is an honor to  be elected as the 2017 Captain, and also it is a great responsibility to continue and why not, surpass, the high level of performance set by that the former Captains.

I cannot be more honored to introduce to you Bucharest at the end of August on a venue located on one of the most beautiful parks of Bucharest in a green and blue environment. Why blue? Because as captain I tried to sail our imaginary boat as close to water as possible as tradition imposed. The park offers also a splendid lake - Herastrau lake. Bucharest is an ideal city to be at the end of August because of the weather and because the warmth of the people and not the least because of the Romanian plastic surgeons which will join and support you all in your trip of knowledge, science but also of having a relaxed and funny time around which is a must for making people to connect them and their ideas and which is the base of knowledge and progress.

This meeting is Lars Steinstraesser’s "baby". He had the great idea to gather the European plastic surgery researchers and scientists in a friendly and warm setting, and to put together great professors and the young students and residents to encourage making new contacts and grow future friendships. From a small meeting, it has grown over the years in the biggest European research meeting in Plastic Surgery. But now the time has come to change the setting and give other countries as well the opportunity to host it and to sail the knowledge and science in new venues and wonderful places.

I am looking forward to meeting you and spend this special experience together. I am sure that the opportunity to attend this unique, informal and interactive program will have a huge impact in the future on young surgeons and researchers. The remarkable atmosphere that made all our events to be a tremendous success in the last years, will be repeated this year in order to guide the participants to inspiration and progress. Our meeting, means to encourage both personal and professional development, and will sustain the same informal, friendly standards. It is my pledge to keep the very high scientific level this year, as well as the tradition of being an informal meeting.

Enjoy the opportunity that EPRSC offers, for surgeons and scientists around the world, to meet, give birth to wonderful friendships, share experiences, knowledge and values for the same cause. Discussions regarding unpublished researches with leaders in the field, aim to advance the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery research community and their work.

Ion Zegrea MD PhD
EPSRC Captain 2017
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest, Romania

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