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EPSRC Cruise Fellowship 2014

Dr. Margot de Hondt
The Plastic Surgery Department of the University Hospitals Leuven, BE

Award Winner 2014
Best Long Oral Presentation
1. Katie Young
University of Bristol / Bristol, UK
Malignant melanoma thickness and risk of future malignancies

2. Dr. Margot Den Hondt (Leuven/BE)
Stanford University / Stanford, USA
Impaired regenerative ability of aged and diabetic adipose derived stem cells is caused by depletion of cell subpopulations

3. Andrej Nedic
University of Michigan / Ann Arbor, USA
Reliability and validity of RPNI signaling of gait phases during voluntary walking

Best Short Oral Presentation
Niclas P. Broer, MD
Hospital Bogenhausen / Munich, DE
In vivo changes in nipple-areolar complex perfusion after breast augmentation with implants

EPSRC Cruise Fellowship 2013

Francesca Toia, MD (Palermo/IT)
University of Palermo
Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgical, Oncological and Stomatologic Sciences

Award Winner 2013
Best Oral Presentation
Patricia Engels (Basel/CH)
Peripheral nerve repair – multimodal comparison of the regenerative potential of adipose tissue derived cells in a biodegradable conduit

2nd best Oral Presentation
Dr. Margot Den Hondt (Leuven/BE)
Tracheal allotransplantation and prefabrication for long tracheal stenosis with withdrawal of immunosuppression – from bed to bench

3rd best Oral Presentation
Alexandru Nistor (Timisoara/RO)
The pig as an ideal training model for perforator flap dissection in living tissue

Best Poster Presentation
Dr. Barbara Iris Gruber (Vienna/AT) 
Hernia repair with Coriumflap? – Vascularized!

Award Winner 2012

Best Oral Presentation
Dr. Lorenz Larcher (Linz/AT)
Pedicled Propeller Perforator Flaps (PPP Flaps) – personal experience

2nd best Oral Presentation
Jim Clover, MD (Cork/IE)
Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell therapy improves burn wound healing via a predominantly paracrine mechanism and is associated with increased collagen deposition

3rd best Oral Presentation
PD Dr. Nicole Lindenblatt (Zurich/CH)
Vessel development during skin graft revascularisation – implications for tissue engineering

Best Poster Presentation
Lisa Ng (Newcastle-upon-Tyne/GB)
Functional outcomes following the use of an inexpensive mini-external fixator device for phalangeal fractures

Award Winner 2011

Best Oral Presentation
Angelo Leto Barone, MD (Palermo/IT)
Vascularized composite allograft transplantation and mixed hematopoietic chimerism across a full MHC barrier in swine: preliminary results

Best Poster Presentation
Dr. Oliver Bleiziffer (Erlangen/DE)
Three-dimensional evaluation of oxygen gradients and distribution of hypoxia in an axially vascularized bioartifcial construct in vivo

Award Winner 2010

Best Oral Presentation
Evelyn Rabensteiner (Innsbruck/AT)
T-regulatory cells and TH17 cells in peri-silicone-implant capsular fibrosis

2nd best Oral Presentation
Tobias von Wild (Luebeck/DE)
Neuromodulation in functional-reconstruction through peripheral nerve transplantation into central nerve system in spinal cord injury in rats applying Cerebrolysin

3rd best Oral Presentation
René Denis Largo (Basel/CH)
Accelerated vascularisation and improved bone formation in critical-size bone grafts by VEGF-expressing BMSC in a rabbit model

Best Poster Presentation
Marie Louise von Sperling (Aalborg/DK)
Sensory changes and chronic pain following cosmetic breast augmentation

Award Winner 2009

Best Oral Presentation
Cornelius D. Schubert (Bochum/DE)
Host defense - like lytic peptide suppresses growth of human liposarcoma

Best Poster Presentation
Dr. Ulrich M. Rieger (Innsbruck/AT)
Prospective investigation of explanted breast implants – Can sonication detect subclinical infection?

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