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The EPSRC is a non-profit organization managed by and for the benefit of the young plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery research community. We are kindly requesting that all European national societies announce our next meeting aimed at young plastic surgery researchers. It will offer an exciting opportunity for young plastic surgery researchers to discuss their latest work and future challenges in a uniquely informal, interactive format for basic science and clinical outcome research.

The EPSRC meeting will provide a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas in a way that cannot be achieved through the usual channels of communication - publications and presentations at large scientific meetings.

5th Annual Meeting of the EPSRC, August 22–25, 2013

The first five EPSRC meetings were an outstanding success and concluded with thunderous applause ending this hugely successful event. Over 200 delegates participated on the MS Cap San Diego in Hamburg, Germany featuring renowned plastic surgery keynote speakers and much, much more.

We are delighted to inform you that the Journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) is now the official organ of the European Plastic Surgery Research Council as depicted on this PRS cover.

We continue to publish all accepted oral presentations as a supplement in the August issue of PRS.

The EPSRC thanks the keynote speakers, chairs, presenters and delegates for their tremendous contributions in stimulating fundamental research in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Cutting edge fundamental research from over 30 countries around the globe was presented and discussed. The unique informal and interactive format allowed dissemination of “hot off the bench” research on plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. More than 200 delegates from all over Europe, Asia and North America packed the MS Cap San Diego to discuss new developments in our field.

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On behalf of the organizing committee, we will have the honor to welcome you onboard the MS Cap San Diego in Hamburg August 27-30, 2015.
Please mark your calendar !

For further information please contact info@epsrc.eu.

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