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MS Cap San Diego

Built in 1962, MS Cap San Diego represents besides its “brother”-ships Cap San Nicolas, Cap San Marco, Cap San Lorenzo, Cap San Augustin and Cap San Antonio, one of the 6 unique freighters built, after the design of the well known Hamburg marine architect Caesar Pinnau, by Deutsche Werft in 1961 for Hamburg Süd (also known as Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft) one of the key companies on the North-South trade routes by ocean transportation.

Until 1981, MS Cap San Diego served as transport cargo ship and completed over 120 round-trips between Germany and South America. Sold in 1981 to a spanish shipping company, Cap San Diego was used further for over-the ocean transportation until finally being re-sold for dismantling in 1986.

Just before the ship headed on her last journey, the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg bought Cap San Diego to transform her into a museum an preserved this beautiful ship as a maritime monument. The “White Swan of the South Atlantic” belongs now to the “Hamburger Admiralität” Foundation and functions as a museum while remaining fully functional.

Being known as the only seaworthy museum freighter in the world, Cap San Diego is anchored at the Überseebrücke quay in Hamburg, where people can visit her and while gazing through her decks, contemplate and re-live her days of glory.

Technical details:

Length: 159.4m
Breadth: 21.47m
Volume: 9,998 GRT(Gross Register Tons)
By full loading: 17,470 tons at a draft of 8,46m
Ship’s deadweight: 6700 tons
Motors: Two-stroke MAN diesel engine, 9 Cylinders, 11600 horsepower
Speed: 20,3 knots at 118 revolutions/minute

For more informations about Cap San Diego visit: http://www.capsandiego.de

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